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What We Do

 ash4276We seek to understand the issues preventing individuals, teams or the organization as a whole from transforming to more effectively meet the challenges of change. We offer assistance and guidance on what to do to overcome these barriers and help implement strategies such as learning, leadership, staff development or quality.

Our goal is to make the right changes happen at all levels of the organization. We focus on training and consulting that makes a bottom line difference to people and organizations.

Some of our tools used to help unlock the human potential - the potential of your people include team development, workplace management, quality development, human resources skills development, communication and interpersonal skills, counseling skills and executive coaching. Combined with dynamic presentation and simulation strategies, the learning process is often done in a conducive and enriching environment.

We are Corporate Training and Consulting Partners working closely with organizations to provide custom-tailored business training, workshops and consulting to maximize organizational success through individual and team performance.

We provide consulting services for clients in need of individual support and guidance to achieve breakthrough success. We also offer a range of already developed "off the shelf" training programs and as well as custom designed programs to support the needs of individuals and teams. Our programs are developed to provide competency-based training which places great emphasis on application at workplace and practical approaches in meeting organization's effectiveness, responsiveness and flexibility.

Our Team

 ash3695We have an extensive network of learning, development and organizational change professionals. Resources are matched to a client's needs on a project-by-project basis through partnering with network members.

Experience and competency are the primary considerations we use in selecting our team. To serve you the best, we assemble more than 30 most qualified associate consultants specializing in various fields to ensure the success of the training programs.

They are dedicated in their effort to constantly maintain and improve their standard of delivery to meet the training needs of the changing environment. To keep pace with change, they continue to update their expertise and techniques to enhance the knowledge capital and skills essential to provide value added services.

On top of that, we assure you that our team uses the methodologies of training that is adult based, interactive and packed with related activities.

Our Training Programs

Entrepreneurship Development, Business Sale & Marketing
  • Legal Debt Recovery
  • Understanding Business Performance Through Financial Statement
  • Professional Course On Managing Full St Of Accounts
  • Techniques On Collecting Hard Core Debts
  • Effective Ways Of Debt Collection By Telephone
  • The Insight Of Costing & Budgeting In Project Management
  • Financial Intelligence
  • Understanding Costing Techniques & Pricing Decisions
  • Fundamental Of Costing & Budgeting
  • Fast Closing Monthly & Year-End Accounts
  • Account Payable: From Accounting To Management
  • Accounting A Fresh Start
  • Accounts Receivable & Credit Policies Management
  • Preparation Of Rolling Budgets & Cash Flows
  • Financial Management For Project Management
  • Winning Strategies For credit Management And Debt Recovery
  • Changing business mindset
  • How to become great sales person
  • Marketing Research And Understanding The Market
  • Competitive Edge Through Quality Customer Service
  • Introduction To Marketing : Key Concepts In Marketing
  • Challenges of doing business
  • From employee to business owner
  • Ledger and books keeping
  • Cash flow management
  • Basic management
  • Project business management
  • Preparing business plan
  • Internet marketing
  • Viral marketing throught IT
  • Developing interesting blog and face book for business
  • 5P in marketing and business
  • How to be successful entrepreneur
  • Effective Negotiation Skills
  • Product And Pricing Management
  • Promotion And Place Management
  • Selling Skills For Sales Excellence
  • Pillars Of Marketing
  • Sales Management :Getting The Most From Your Sales Team
  • Marketing For Non-Marketing Executives
  • Integrated Marketing And Customer Service
  • Marketing Research And Understanding The Market
  • Competitive Edge Through Quality Customer Service
  • Introduction To Marketing : Key Concepts In Marketing
General Management
Supervisory and Motivation
Business Communication
Human Resources Management And Development
Computer And ‘IT’ Related
Quality And Productivity
Environment, Safety And Health
Site Safety Supervisor (SSS)

Site Safety Supervisor

  • 3 Month
Safety & Health Officer (SHO)

Safety & Health Officer

Site Safety Supervisor Module 6 Course

Safety Supervisor Module 6 Course

AESP for Confined Space

Confined Space

AESP for Confined Space

Confined Space